Saturday, 3 August 2013

Staying Platinum Blonde

If you are quite dark (naturally) remaining a platinum blonde shade can sometimes be problematic with the regrowth. Unless the bleach is expertly applied to the new growth, if overlapping occurs (this is where the bleach applied crosses onto the previously lightened hair), you can start to get quite noticeable breakage.

Switch to a lightening blonde colourant

You can ease up on the regrowth bleaching, by switching to a lightening blonde colourant. Lightening blonde colourants are still strong, but not to the degree of bleach. On dark natural bases, these products will not produce a pure blonde - but a deep golden, however it will disguise your roots and give your hair a few months rest to allow the previously full head bleached areas to grow down.

Use Highlights to break up root straps 

To break up the noticeable warm blonde strap line, either ask your salon to apply foils and only run the bleach onto the dark areas weaved out (near the roots), or if you are using a kit or Magicap - once you have pulled the hair through, only apply that lightening product onto the darker areas of the highlights pulled.

Keep it toned

If you then tone with Iced Platinum Colour Restore, the hair will remain crisp and pale and the growth areas will be fully blended.

By carefully looking at the photograph, you can see this is how Gwen Stefani is maintaining her pure white look, between complete bleach regrowth applications.   You just have to remember, the key with platinum is to retain the hair health.  So consider this when retaining the shade with regrowth applications.

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