Thursday, 8 August 2013

Holiday Hair - Blonde Hair Gone Green!!!

We recently commissioned a survey to find out thoughts and beliefs on hair colouring. One of the statistics revealed, is 6% of people believe Tomato Ketchup will 'strip out' green tone in blonde hair (found after swimming). Is this true? The answer is both yes and no.

Why does blonde hair go green?

Firstly, the misconception is exposure to chlorine will turn blonde hair green. This isn't true, in actual fact the green occurs in blonde hair due to oxidized metals found within the water - not the chlorine.

Preventing and resolving green hair

The best way to prevent blonde hair turning green in the first instance is to use a product which produces a barrier such as Philip Kingsley Swim Cap. However, if the hair has (already) gone green you simply need to remove the trace metals from the hair with a clarifying shampoo. Again, if you are on holiday and cannot find a clarifying shampoo - a local convenience store would certainly stock bicarbonate of soda and you can use this ingredient via the Bicarb clarifying method I outline here:-

So does Tomato Ketchup really work?

 Actually whilst tomato ketchup cannot strip the green from the hair (as people believe) it can neutralise it. In most cases, clarifying the hair (as outlined above) will remove the green from the hair easily, however if you are on holiday, discover green and want it gone immediately, locating a tomato ketchup sachet from a dining room, restaurant or fast food outlet is obviously very easy.

How to use Tomato Ketchup on green hair

To neutralise green with tomato Ketchup, firstly wet the hair and apply a small amount of regular white conditioner throughout. Then squeeze an equally small amount of the Ketchup into your hand and work through the hair to create a pink cream. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse out with cool water. Remember, the ketchup is only neutralising (and masking) the green - so look to clarify as soon as you can (or when you return home).
Remember, the best solution to unwanted green blonde hair is to clarify, so if your hair is prone to turning green, make sure you pack a clarifying shampoo or even baby shampoo before you travel.  Ideally purchasing a product such as Philip Kingsley Swim Cap (and taking on holiday with you) which will prevent the issue occurring. The latter product is especially worth using if you are a regular swimmer throughout the year anyway.

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