Saturday, 3 August 2013

Beach Hair How To

Beach hair is a great look which can work for either day or nightime.   It's obviously based on the texture naturally wavy hair will go when exposure to sea water has occured.  However, if you have naturally straight or very silky hair - the look won't happen simply by applying salt water.  The below how to is a simple method to achieve the look.

Here is a quick how to for you that's pretty simple:-

1. Wash the hair in a clear, simple or baby shampoo (you don't want the hair to be too conditioned for this one).

2. Spritz the damp hair with sea salt spray (if you don't have sea salt you can use my method for creating this at home here).

3. Tip your head upside down and rough dry to 100%. Make sure you rough try and avoid trying to smooth out the hair. The hair will feel quite course and textured at this point - which is good.

4. Next take some large sections of hair and plait to midway down. You should have around 6 plaits across your head, bound midway with the bottom lengths free.

5. Now take a straightening iron and clamp down along the length of the plaits to heat up.

If you want a curlier beach effect, when you get to the free (bottom) lengths twist the hair around in the iron and create a traditional curl in this unplaited hair. You can do this by twising the iron or simply winding the hair around the iron as you would a tong.

6. With your plaits all heated and curls created in the bottom lengths, leave the hair for around 20 minutes or longer if you wish.

7. Finally, remove the bands from the plaits and use your fingers to break up the hair. Shake the hair loose and if you wish, you can add a little Argan Oil to the ends to give some shine.

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