Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hair Personality

Few people are as able to alter their physical appearance like Meryl Streep.  However, the majority of us harbour a completely different hair personality to the physical image we project to the world. 

When I give my classes and 121 clinics, the area attendees find the most fascinating (in addition to your hair colour season) is our hair personality.

As people, we tend to break into 6 very specific image & personality types. What we display on the outside is our physical image and how we see ourselves (on the inside) is our personality. 

Few of us share a completely balanced physical appearance and internal personality.   So whilst you might physically share similarities with say Catherine Zeta Jones - inside (however) you don't recognise this and instead relate to Cate Blanchett's appearance. In this example, you may continually try to keep your hair neat, short and fair - and never entirely realise why you are never happy with it. It's not just a case of a hair look not suiting you, it's a case of varying factors of cut, colour and style clashing with your physicality. You may genuinely feel Jennifer Aniston's look works for you - because it suits your personality, but on the outside are you physically near to Anne Hathaway?

This is a very detailed and complicated area. Firstly, it does not mean certain looks, cuts and colours are out.   However, it does mean these looks, cuts and colours have to be tailored and blended carefully and a degree of compromise accepted.   I refer to this compromise as 'bridging the inner self with the outer self' and it takes quite a while to establish a clients internal hair personality.

So, consider this factor when you next visit your salon. If you believe every hairdresser wants to cut or colour your hair into a look you just do not like, remember - they are observing the external side of you. They genuinely believe the hair look (they are suggesting) suits, the problem is - inside you feel it doesn't.  Why?  Because you are just not that kind of hair personality.  

So start to think of the areas you can harmonize the inner and outer self. 

Recognise what you display on the outside (bone structure, face shape, hair type and colour) then acknowledge what you keep leaning toward on the inside. If you are a dark eyed, deep toned brunette who keeps longing for Nicole Kidman's shade (and women of similar type), it's possible you have one internal hair image and a completely different external one. When you begin to ponder this, you might start to recognise 'hair issues' you've had in the past and why they seem to crop up again and again.

Remember, a differing hair personality and external hair image does not mean looks you desire are immediately a no go.  It just means you have to understand how you can make it work for you, how your desired look can be tailored and when you have to admit something just won't work for you - no matter how much you might want it to.

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