Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Lupita Nyong’o' not only triumphed in the Best Supporting Actress category for ’12 years a slave’ but also demonstrated an elegant and simple hair look that not only harmonised seamlessly with her sky blue dress, but also demonstrated how very short afro hair can be accessorized to great effect.

Whilst Lupita’s style is very cropped at the back, the use of the simple headband framed her face whilst drawing the hair backward at the crown for an almost ‘hair up’ effect.    In recent years many profile women with natural afro texures have typically used weaves or wigs (such as Beyonce) or had the texture relaxed (such as Michelle Obama).  However, whilst the bob is seen as the classic cut for European hair texture, the short ‘afro’ shares identical classic effect for women of colour.   In Lupita’s case, the pure simplicity of both the cut and how she wore the hair (on the night) was not only elegant but demonstrates how wearable pure afro texture can be.  

Afro texures actually respond very well to silicone based serums.  In Lupita's case, a simple serum would have been applied and the hair directed backward before the headband was put into place.  Afro hair is very reliant on moisture, so using silicone based shampoos and conditioners can be a good move.  Many silicones draws moisture into the hair, in hairtypes that are very curly and specifically afro, this can prevent drying, whilst the coating properties of silicone will cover the cuticle and give increased shine.  Coating silicones tend to cause problems on finer and (particularly) European hair textures, because they draw too much moisture into the hair and (with such textures) will build up with continued use.  This causes finer (naturally) straighter hair types to become flat, lank and even damaged.  However, in very curly and afro hair types, high silicone items tend to have the opposing effect and can give hydration, strength and increased lustre. 

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