Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Party Hair Tutorial Part 1 – The Side Bun

This season I will be giving you some guides that demonstrate how to create quick but glamorous and effective Christmas Party Hair.  These how to’s are designed to be done very fast and can often be achieved at work in minutes, if you are heading straight off to a Christmas Party at the end of the day.
The first one I will be showing you is ‘The Side Bun’

To achieve it you will need...

  • A-List Hair Feleny Georghiou Hair Scrunchie (in your matching shade)
  • 1 hair band/tie  
  • Hair Spray
  • Some flat wavy grips (in your matching shade)

A-List Hair Feleny Georghiou Hair Scrunchies can be found in Tescos stores or direct from A List Hair .  They are manufactured with a completely realistic soft heat friendly fibre hair that can blend perfectly with your natural colour.

To create your Side Bun all you need to do is...
  1. Brush out your hair thoroughly and gather all hair neatly, but directly behind either your left or right ear.  
  2. Using your hair band create a secure side ponytail.   For the most effective results, create a strong sweeping side parting across the forehead and use a little hairspray to secure the ponytail and side parting as you create it  The top areas of your head should be sleek and neat.
  3. Now take your Feleny Georghiou hair scrunchie and just as you would a regular scrunchie, wrap it around the stem of the ponytail (again securely).  
  4. Next, split and take large sections of your ponytail and begin twisting and stuffing this ponytail hair underneath and around the hair scrunchie.  Use the flat metal wavy grips to pin these wrapped and rolled ponytail sections very securely underneath the scrunchie hair, so no ponytail hair can fall loose.
  5. Continue dividing up and wrapping, stuffing and securing all your ponytail hair in this way until you have a very firm and full bun at the side of your head.
  6. Using either a pencil or the tail of a comb, very gently dig in and start to loosen the secured hair, do not ‘pull’ the hair out too far but just enough to create a textured and tousled effect.
  7. Mist the bun with hairspray and secure with a few more flat wavy grips if you feel any loose areas. 

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