Thursday, 27 September 2012

Garnier Olia Oil Based Colourant Launches

Being a complete hair geek I am really excited about the launch of Garnier Olia. Whilst we seem to have many home colourants on the market it's quite rare an entire new brand launches.

I wanted to tell you why Olia excites me. Firstly they use the ICC numbering system (this is the numbers salons work by). So it becomes very easy for me to recommend which shades for you to select. Secondly it's an oil base, which is a fantastic base for use on general permanent colourant, tone on tone or after stripping because it goes on smoothly. Thirdly, there are a few shades in the range I am thrilled about. Two in particular are 7.13 and 8.31 these are blonde bases which contain both gold and ash and are very common in salon colourants. They are perfect for use after stripping because often a pure ash colourant can make warm hair look muddy. Mixing gold and ash together in a colourant gives a high neutral so you will tend to find you get that 'biscuit' shade that looks good on deep blondes or very light brunettes.

I have (or have had) absolutely no involvement with Garnier Olia so I am looking forward to hearing how you all get on with it as a new range on the market.

Take a look at the shades and see if any inspire you!!

We had a discussion on Facebook about this new Garnier hair colourant, if you want to read the whole story, please check out the post on Facebook.


  1. Hi scott these look great! I wonder if you could give me some advice? Until last night i had achieved a golden blonde hair colour with several sets of bleach highlights after having black hair from box dye build up. I was happy with the colour but last night asked my hairdresser for an ombre effect something like this: I'm happy with the roots and mid lengths as the are a nice beige blonde but the tips have come up coppery rather than the light golden blonde I wanted (I think she mixed copper tint with the shade she was using) if I use your stripper on the ends what box dye would you recommend using after? I want to counteract the red tones I know I'll naturally have after stripping but also keep a nice light golden colour? Any help would be great! Thanks

  2. Do you kno if it contains ppd?